What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Copper Roof?

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Copper roof materials are anything but new, though along with other metal roofing materials they are seeing a resurgence in popularity. If you have ever been to Quebec or traveled to other places in the world, you will discover that they have been popular during a variety or periods in world and local architectural histories.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Copper Roof?

While the gleaming color of a copper roof can be alluring, it may be more than looks that you need to have in mind when making your selection. If you are one to shy away from some reverberation, you’ll need some extra planning to make sure copper roof really is for you. If you suffer from migraines, hearing issues, or other health problems that are triggered or irritated by an increase in environmental noise level or by an increase in vibrations in your home, a copper roof may not be the best of roofing material choices for you. Though some that are ultra-sensitive may complain about the noise that can come from installing a metal roof, there are actually also recommendations floating about to address these concerns for people such as yourself who have an affinity to both quiet and copper roofing.

Double check with us as your contractor to make sure you have selected a style of metal roofing that is quietest. Corrugated copper roofs, for example, may echo vibrations from rain and hail more than flat types. With a metal roof, such as a copper roof, insulating your ceiling is a good idea. It is also said to be extremely important when it comes to noise control to fasten the roof well.

If you already have a noisy metal roof, it’s not too late. Some of the things that our experts can do to quiet down a metal roof for you can be determined by our roofing expert’s inspection. Find out more about installing a copper roof by giving us a call.