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We go the extra mile with our roofing services to ensure you get the lasting results you deserve.

At JW Services Inc. of NC in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we strive to combine great products with superior workmanship and service. Our customers are our priority, and we intend to prove that by our meticulousness and demand for quality. On all our roof projects, the owner does the pre-inspection and is available on-site throughout the installation process. He then completes a post-installation inspection to ensure that the high standards we require have been set.

About JW Services Inc. of NC, Winston-Salem, NC

John Worden is a third-generation contractor and the owner of our company. He has over 15 years of experience in the roofing and remodeling industry and has put in the time and obtained wisdom that has descended through the generations. This process has allowed him the benefit of trial and error of numerous products, and he now has a product pool that he can trust.

We not only use quality products from top roofing manufacturers, but we have also gone the extra step to become a Master Elite GAF authorized provider. This certification was earned by being specially trained to follow GAF’s installation requirements, so we are comfortable offering their best warranty on our roofing projects. You might wonder why we would go to such lengths. The answer is that we care about the long-term satisfaction of our customers, so we do everything we can to give you the longest-lasting roof possible. The only time we want to hear from you in the future to do a replacement roof is if you move to a different house or purchase a different commercial property.

We are a dedicated roofing contractor who will present accurate depictions of each problem we come upon, while providing logical, and sometimes creative, solutions to each issue. When integrity and quality count for your roofing services, you won’t do any better than reaching out to us at JW Services Inc. of NC.